Consequences of smoking The World Health Organization ( WHO ) estimates that the tobacco epidemic is one of the greatest threats to public health that humanity has ever known . In the 20th century smoking caused one hundred million deaths , while the 21st century, the number is estimated to be launched in a billion . Nowadays it is estimated that smoking kills total six million , almost people a year , five million of whom are smokers or former smokers, and around 600,000 passive smokers . According to the latest report of WHO for the year 2011 for smoking every six seconds or so, a man dies because of dependence on tobacco and tobacco products, while half the population of smokers will come from a disease associated with smoking . Moreover , the same report estimated that the direct and indirect costs of treating diseases associated with smoking is a huge burden on health budgets worldwide and indicated that it is everyone's right to receive information , care and support in the fight against smoking epidemic and the duty of every country to provide . ( WHO , 2011; WHO , 2007 ) . Main website: Website for video contest :

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