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Dear friends Welcome to the Onar Creations Site. A Site of Creation – Journey to Designs, Colours, Materials and Personal Expression is now STARTING… My name is Olga and I am the founder of Onar Creations. I am a graduate of Middlesex University holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture & Interior Design. Following my graduation and inspired by the beauty of simple pictures and colours found around us I wanted to create a range of striking products with unique design and of highest quality. All of my products are Handmade; this allows me a high degree of experimentation with quality materials, innovative techniques and design concepts that differentiates Onar Creations from similar mass-production items. Every season offers a fresh inspiration that leads to the design of an exclusive collection of Handmade products. The path following the initial design concept adheres to excellence in the selection of materials and creation techniques. The image of each final product therefore is a result of my passion for distinctive design and first class craftsmanship. I hope that you will enjoy the image and appreciate the quality of Onar Creations’ Handmade Sandals, Fabric Bags, Fashion Bracelets and Handmade Gifts. Visit us again to admire our New Products and Collections Website: www.onarcreations.com Facebook fun page: www.facebook.com/pages/Onar-Creations Twitter fun page: www.twitter.com/OnarCreations

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