Personal branding for a electronic cigarette company.

Atmistis is a company which sells Electronic Cigarettes and other products relative to them.
You can smoke in places that smoking is prohibited. You can control the amount of nicotine from the highest to the lowest level. The Electronic Cigarette recieves nicotine in liquid format. It is a small bottle which comes in different flavors to satisfy every user of the cigarette. The flavors are: Pinapple, sambuca, choco Praline, toffee caramel, cappuccino, mojito premium, vanilla gentle, caramelo.

OnlyNet created corporate identity Atmistis.
OnlyNet designed the logo Atmistis and created posters presenting the Electronic Cigarette and the company.
OnlyNet created flyers and boxes for placing the liquid - nicotine.
Finally we designed a font for the advertising slogan of atmistis and we used it in all forms and prints.
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